Consulting Cultural Case Plans

ID. Know Yourself provides cultural guidance plans and consultancy to Child Protection services and organisations who deal with Aboriginal children and young people, to make sure they are connected to their identity and feel a sense of belonging through their culture.

Consulting services to assist organisations, case managers in developing cultural care plans for Aboriginal children and young people.


We provide a professional, cultural and passionate cohort of Aboriginal staff who have had a lived experience in Out of home Care who can advise organisations on the best practice or approach when dealing with young Aboriginal people in Out of Home care. We believe that if it’s for youth, also driven by those who are young and by having an elder at the core of it. The plan will have incredible value and real traction and success will be truly made.


We have an Elder in Residence, with over 30 years’ experience in Out of Home Care and two mentors with knowledgeable personal experience of Out of Home Care and also our CEO/Founder who has personal advice. With all the different life experience under our belt, we can tackle any challenge or objective.


There are many organisations who make decisions on behalf of young people in Out of Home Care and don’t know why their service or practice did not work, and most of the times they lack the experience or critical cultural knowledge in the space and don’t know how to find the right people to advise or provide the needed feedback. That’s why it’s important to have an empathetic and first-hand experienced team to provide this type of productive and appropriate consultancy.

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